21 June, 2010

Rigenerator: Rules Based Graph Traversal

It is not very difficult to traverse the whole graph in Maya and make a data structure to be able to analyze it. In "Rigenerator" I can select one node in the outliner and I am able to get all the nodes related to it in anyway possible. The next step I want to add is to be able to specify rules in the graph traversal algorithm so that I can restrict the network within the specified hierarchy. This is so that my "Rigenerator" tool can extract only a part of the rig.

My goal is to come up with some kind of short hand notation for specifying these rules. I am trying to come up with different possible scenarios to be able to generalize these rules. So for example, I can specify levels and combine it with a node type(s) and their relationships with the source node. This is just theory and hopefully I can find some way to implement this idea.

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