14 July, 2010

Rigenerator : Converting deformer network into its command

While developing my Rigenerator tool, I am studying more and more about Maya DG graph and how to reproduce it. Right now I can create all the nodes individually and put them together to recreate the rig. However, I want to be able to replace those individual commands with a specific command e.g. use cluster instead of individual create, addAttr, setAttr, connectAttr commands for each node involved in that cluster deformation.

I believe this feature is going to be very helpful since, it can literally give you a major part of code for your rig already laid out. So you don't have to go back in Maya to check all connections and then come back to editor to code. But, implementing this feature is very tricky so I am studying how deformer network is created, how a deformer gets all the inputs and what each node in that network is used for. I have taken some notes from this study and I want to post them once I have some example images ready.

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