19 July, 2010

FreeMind: Mind mapping tool

It is very important to organize not only your code but the thought process and all the ideas that come up during planning of a project. I started with my rigging framework and then branched to make Rigenerator, which by itself is now a big project. Each feature of Rigenerator requires good amount of planning to consider all possible cases. At the current stage code of Rigenerator is turning very complex for me even with lines and lines of comments. I have started loosing myself in these different possible scenarios and ideas to solve them. The problem is that going back to a particular problem after few days is not easy.

So I have decided to document as much thought process as I can so that resuming to the last problem is easier and I can trace old problems and their solutions. I found that I can do this by a technique called mind mapping. Basically you write everything in nodes which are interconnected and organized as a tree. I am using FreeMind (open source) to document my ideas and its helping me so much. And I always feel good when I am organized :)

You may find this tool very helpful. Check out the video demo at the bottom of the screenshot page.

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