23 April, 2010

Procedural Rigging System vs Auto Rigger

This is somewhat subjective, but I have started believing that there is a fundamental difference between procedural rigging system and auto rigging scripts.

Auto rigging scripts basically automates tasks for you and generates rig or rigging parts. Many times they are limited by many assumptions or fixed concepts. On the other end procedural rigging system defines how the rig will be generated automatically. It defines a system which helps rigging scripts do their jobs.

For example, in one system all nodes contain basic metadata information like, object type(animControl, bindJoint), dir(R,L,C) etc. These nodes are connected to some other metadata nodes that defines a set of objects, e.g. a metanode that lists all the animation controls for a given rig part. Extending this idea will give a system that allows flexibility to give different inputs and create many possible outputs.

Auto Rigger will use this information from meta system to build the rig or rig parts. So for me Auto Rigging Tool is divided into two main components:
  1. A system that defines how meta information is created and stored
  2. Auto rigging scripts that create rig based on meta information

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