28 April, 2010

And Now I am a Python Fan

I was a little hesitant towards learning one more language since I get mixed up easily after working with many different languages: c, c++, ActionScript, mel, php, .Net, qlikview and now python (no boasting but I get surprised myself thinking what human brain can do). For example,

String concatenation,

php : $str1.$str2
c++: str1 + str2
vb: str1 & str2

Defining functions,
mel : global int[] proc getMyAnts(string $place)
c++: int* MyClass::getMyAnts(MString place)
python: def getMyAnts(self, place)

However, after learning python I am thinking about making it my main focus amongst all programming languages. The ease of use, elegant syntax and flexibility to create magic is what sets this language apart from other languages. However, I don't claim it's the best language out there, but it surely is powerful and different in a way that I have started loving it.

Since I am still young in using python I thought it would be a good idea to post tricks and helpful language features that I learn on my own or from others.

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