09 April, 2009

Default Joint Connections

I have been using Hypergraph a lot lately. Today I found out that when you create a skeleton hierarchy, joints have scale->inverseScale connection by default. So when you scale the joints the children joints do not scale, they just move. But if you delete the scale connection joints follow the normal parent scale transform. Here are the screenshots. Simple, but useful.

Edit: I forgot to mention, "inverseScale" attribute is available only with joint transform.


  1. 'ello!

    I just found your blog - I'm currently studying to be a character TD, and do pretty much everything in Maya using a scripts. Would you be okay with me linking to you off of my blog? I've also just started a rigging blog myself!

  2. Hey Psy. No probs. I will link yours in here too. Looking forward to knowledge sharing :)