05 January, 2012

MPoint '=' assignment operator and float[3]

All 3d packages define a 3D point as (x,y,z,w). Last property 'w' is included based on how homogeneous coordinate system works. And this 'w' always needs to be 1 when we do calculations. Maya's implementation of this 3D point is done in MPoint class. This class also defines '=' operator which will copy the values of a float[3] to the given point. But it's really not a good idea to do the following.

float myPt[3] = {1,1,1};
MPoint mayaPt = myPt;

The problem here is that Maya will assign values to x,y,z from myPt but not to 'w' leaving it 0. This is an invalid homogeneous coordinate as w=0 means the point is at infinity! So keep in mind that 'w' is important :)

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