12 February, 2011

New Year New Adventure

It's been very very long since I posted any updates. I have been working on many projects simultaneously so it's been difficult to find time. I have done facial rigging for a friend of mine and I am also working on my Rigenerator project. For Rigenerator, I have started working on converting code for special nodes into the code that uses node's own command, e.g. cluster. Later I have a plan to add support for Python. But there is a lot to be done before that.

However, I have taken a break from my rigging work and I have started diving into two other development projects, a web app and an IPhone game.
I was already building my website using CodeIgniter framework for php and during that time my wife suggested some great ideas for building a web application. Since then I have become passionate about this idea. So I have started building some parts of the app as a prototype. I am using PHP (with CodeIgniter as framework), jQuery and MySQL to build this web app.  It is going to be a long term project so I will be switching between other projects and this one.
I am also exploring some game ideas for iphone while learning Objective C along the way. There are many aspects to consider when designing a game. A good game should keep users interested from beginning to the end and also a good game users will want to play again and again. I am considering coscos2d-iphone game engine for the game and later plan to add box2d physics engine. This will also help me with my technical animation reel.

Here is another blog I started to take notes about the new projects and programming in general.

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