17 March, 2009

Dedicated to "Hello world!"

Any programming language learning is incomplete without a nice "Hello world!" program. It is a different kind of joy when you start learning programming and see this program for the first time. And hence I am dedicating my first post to this program, "Hello world!".

I want to use this blog as my notepad to share ideas on rigging and any kind of technology related with character animation and art. I love to do character animation, but I feel that there is a huge scope for improvement in digital animation tools. One of my main areas of interest is the interactive nature of digital puppets. I want to improve this interaction to bring the most intuitive experience for animators (including me) to create art. And lately I have been falling in love all over again with mathematics. I find Math to be artistic in some ways because you can represent a lot of phenomena in life by mathematical notations. It's an arguable concept, but that's why I am saying I find it art only to an extent.

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